Hello world!

What a befitting default title provided here for my first blog, “Hello world!” Whenever we see this word, we are automatically preparing our minds to learn something new. Something that we have read about many times before but never tried it before today. I was first introduced to the word when I was 17. Didn’t give it much thought back then but now when I think about it, this phrase made sense even then. It can be said that this was my first attempt to communicate with the world of computers, and what do we say when we meet someone for the first time? I guess the answer would always start with “Hi!” or “Hello!”

But since I already know this phrase and the context it was used for, it is easy for me to relate it to the world that the phrase belongs to and know what it means, to understand why they said it like this. But it would not have been with the same ease that the inventor of the phrase would have to come up with it.

In fact it is quite an interesting story, how this phrase came to be? This phrase was first used (in a sense relating to computer languages) in 1972 in the first few examples of a book named “A Tutorial Introduction to the Language B” (Even I didn’t know all this until half hour ago, when i finally stopped being lazy, searched the term on Google and read about it in Wikipedia.) but for my interest i found that this was not author’s first choice. In the initial versions of the book, the word “hi” was used instead of the text that we see today. Later it was changed to “hello world”.

Their sole purpose to switch from “hi” to “hello world” was just to have a bigger phrase displayed on the screen. They were just trying to print something on the screen at first, and when they succeeded in doing so, they began to modify the message for better visibility. I think in the beginning they were least bothered about the grammar of the sentence (to use “H” instead of “h” or to put exclamation mark). But later, the present version of the text ( “Hello world!” with a new line command at the end) was used. There is a very important principle of life hidden here, and if one tries, can be seen in many other real life situations. It is just like saying that first everybody learns to walk, only after that comes catwalk or even dance.

Did you see what we did here? We learned something. We learned to begin at basics, from the simpler things and then move on to the more complex stuff one step at a time. We also learned to appreciate the smaller things in life. Things that we thought had no meaning. Things that we thought were useless and were not important. We learned that there is not a thing in this universe that is not important. From the origin story of even a simple phrase, we can learn something. You just have to get to know it better.

Or maybe we didn’t learn anything at all. Maybe we knew all this. I can say it for myself that I knew it all already. But it hadn’t come to me for all those years when I was thinking of starting a blog but could not do so. Why? because I was afraid. I had seen blogs, the perfect ones; and i used to think that whatever I am going to show to public, it must be perfect too. It came to me today, when I was writing, that the pursuit of perfectionism cannot be real, if there were no difficulties in the path. i understand now that I cannot start from “Hello world!”. That I will have to start with “Hi”.

This is me taking the first step.



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