Uniformly Ungrammatical

This is in reference to the article by Shonali Muthalaly in The Hindu titled “Tch, tch, tch these Indian man.” Click here to read the article. It’s essential that you do as the post below contains a lot of references to the article.

Almost everything in the article is a tragic experience for a woman. But don’t you think that only the bad stuff happened to her or her friends was highlighted? There must be some good things, some good stories about us too. Maybe the good ones are not discussed as much by them over the long phone calls with their bff’s.

About the one Italian friend she has, a few people like the hulk (her hulk) can be seen in almost every gym without any concerns about its geographical location. Also, he most probably spends 3-4 hours at the gym daily, which is not a luxury that everybody has, not just in India but in Italy too. More over, is it fair to judge more than half the population of India against one Italian?

And about the guy who mentioned his girlfriend at an arranged marriage date, I am not sure if the lady was angry because he has a girlfriend or because he mentioned her. Anyways, the question is why? Why discuss your girlfriend at a date with a girl who is very likely to become your greater half? Maybe he did that on a dare ( yes, people can be like that). Maybe he was just trying to be true to his future life partner ( if so, it didn’t work out very well for him) or maybe he just didn’t like her that much and instead of saying it to her face, he came up with this. He may also have been forced to come to the date, just as she was forced by her father?

It brings me to another point which is about that facebook page the author mentioned “Indian men are..” and its never fail classic answer: Mamma’s boy. As miss Shonali says that her friend was had gone to the date because her father asked her so. Why did she agree to him? Is it because she’s Papa’s girl? I think not. I think it was because she respected her father enough to not deny his request. The same is with every child who respects their parents. My parents went through a lot while raising me, and it is the case with every middle class family. So is it too bad if the child wants to pay them back in some way? And I think the best way to do so is to listen to them, to consider their opinion while taking a decision.

The irony here is that, women only want their kids to be mamma’s boys, not their husband or boyfriend for that matter. The fact that this facebook page had more than 10000 likes, shows the number of women thinking in that same paradoxical manner.

And about the two boys the author encountered, I am sorry that she had to go through it. There are no societies without a few pricks. We don’t always show it ( Google search for “men against eve teasing” didn’t give me much) but we are against it. If she would have called for help even once, I am sure that more than 20 men would have been standing by her side in less than a minute.

And let’s just not be influenced by articles posted on the internet like “13 things an Indian man wants in his wife”, even if it has “a hysterical abundance of capital letters”.


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