Developing a game – 100: before we start.


I used to be a hardcore gamer. I used to be so till college and even after that for a year or so. My dream as a child was to own a PlayStation which I haven’t been able to fulfill till now. Videogames were my addiction. I used to spent 10-12 hours a day, eyes fixed at my laptop screen, trying to work out a way to save as many bullets as possible while killing zombies. Even the effect that alcohol has on an addict is not as strong as what I got from videogames. Alcohol doesn’t engage one as videogames do. Alcohol will just dull your senses and would make you to go to sleep, which is no help when your dreams are as haunting as your days. But videogames on the other hand engage you in so many activities at one time that you can’t think of anything else. All your senses are on attention mode. You have no time to think about anything else. It used to be my getaway thing. Whenever I felt dull I would start my pc and play and I would feel relieved.
For me, videogames have worked as a companion for life and to respect that I have decided that I will develop my own game. I will keep posting here about what I am doing. It will be least like a tutorial but at least we will be able to discuss any basic issues that one faces while developing a game.
I will do some research and will get back here with book recommendations or maybe we can do it without books altogether.
Let’s see.


9 thoughts on “Developing a game – 100: before we start.

  1. Are you a programmer by any chance? I’m working on a college project right now. Developing a game on my own. I figured chess was my best shot because I don’t know much about graphics. My game will be purely code.


      1. I’ve got plenty of time. šŸ™‚ but I’d like to try and figure it out on my own. It’s my first year of college and well coding is something i sort of have this passion for. šŸ™‚ I do appreciate the help though. Thank you so much. šŸ™‚


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