Killing the wishes #1 – Prologue

I recently wrote a not so short short story where I went on for more than 5000 word. I first felt proud of my self but soon realized I have never read the whole story in one go. Then how can I expect you guys to do the same? so, for that reason I have decided that I am going to post the story in a few different posts. That way it wont take much of your precious time and also I will be able to maintain the quality (Ha Ha Ha… now this is a good joke. Me and quality, no way.) Nevertheless here goes the first part:


He stood up. “This has to be done” he thought out aloud. He could hear the echo of his thoughts coming from every corner of the room.

I have to do it if I want to move ahead with my life.” He continued. “Until I get rid of them all, it’s never going to happen. I’ll never be able to succeed in life. They will keep pulling me down. They are roadblocks, diverting me from the path of reality and making me follow them everywhere.” He felt betrayed. “It’s a wonder how the things that you have always wanted in your life, things that you have wished for in your prayers, can become the things that you hate the most. If I continue to pursue my wishes, I know that one day I’ll get them. But it’s about what I am putting at stake for these things. It’s too much a cost. I think I wished the wrong wishes. These wishes are making me fail. Why didn’t I wish for family or friends?”

He had already made up his mind about what he needed to do to get out of this mess but he was still trying hard to be logical about it. Maybe he was just trying to console himself. It seemed like he was having an argument with his heart. A one sided argument. He himself couldn’t hear his heart. It was like heart already knew this was bound to happen. So there was no point arguing about it. But still he went on to say it all, trying to convince the heart, trying to get it to understand why they had to do it.

This seems to have become the only thing that I do now, even when I know that they don’t care about me. They never cared.  I don’t want to end my life in love of the wishes that have no certainty of being fulfilled. It’s only because of my love to them that I am here, today, in this infinite dimension of nowhere.” The heart had stopped listening a long time ago and had started preparing itself for what was to come.

I need to get out of here and that will not be possible unless I stop thinking about them. All of them, even her. Especially her”. He felt his heart beat for the first time. It wasn’t a faint normal heartbeat but it was strong and loud enough, a challenge that he could sense. He felt a fear surging up in him, a fear of the things that were going to happen tonight. And he felt the desire of the heart, which was way too much strong then his own thoughts about tonight. He felt his courage slipping away from him as the heart made it clear that it didn’t want her harmed. He knew of only one thing that could diminish this desire and he went on to mention that. “It’s because of her that I have been losing people who really, actually care for me and love me”.

That broke the heart. Heartbeat went back to being almost non-existent. He knew that he had hit the source and he continued with a sense of victory, “I am losing true friends, even myself to these worthless beings. I can’t let it happen. I need to get rid of these wishes. I need to kill them. All of them, tonight.” and he began formulating a plan ignoring the heart altogether.

#2 – The List.


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