Killing the wishes #2 – The List

#1 – Prologue


It didn’t take him long to come up with a plan. This rat poison had been in the house for like forever. He thought, “I can call them all here and then make them drink it. I can easily mix it in their drinks.” He could not think of a better use for the poison which had been bought to get rid of a mouse around six months ago and had never been used. As he picked up the bottle, he remembered, she had a good laugh when she found out that he didn’t know how to kill a rat with rat poison.

But he now sure as hell knew how to kill people with it. I guess he watched a lot of Bollywood. He put the poison in a part of kitchen which was not visible from the room, where no one would notice it. Next, he needed to call his victims or rather the criminals to his house. He took a piece of pen and paper and thought of making the list. List of the things that he had always wanted from his life and now also hated the most. “Writing down their names will be enough to let them know that I want them here.”

He dragged around the office chair on which he was sitting to his study table. The office chair that he had bought from an auction at half its price combined with the study table made up for two of the three things which could be counted as furniture in his one room kitchen set. There were mattress folded and stacked up in one corner of the room, which besides its usual purpose also served as a low sofa during the day. An Almirah in the other, which was a jumble of clothes and his empty suitcases. Attached to the room was kitchen, a small part of which could be seen from the front door itself.

Even before picking up the pen and the paper, he knew that the first name in his list should be hers. It has to be her. She was the main hurdle in his life. She was like a milestone on a circular track, no matter how fast he ran, how hard he tried to get away from it, he kept coming back to the same point. He needed to get rid of her and her thoughts above everything else. That is what his mind had been telling his heart all this time.


#3 – Mind & Heart 


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