Killing the wishes #4 – Money

#1 – Prologue

#3 – Mind & Heart


As soon as he wrote down “Money” on the paper, he heard his doorbell ringing. It was a simple Ding Dong followed by an electronic feminine voice saying “please open the door”. He got nervous at first as he thought that his plan had been revealed but he kept his senses in control. He put the pen and paper in the drawer in a flash and locked it. He went up to the mirror and quickly washed his face and set his hair. He, instantly, looked all over the room for anything that will arouse suspicion. Till then the doorbell had rung twice. He shouted from the room itself,” Who is it”?  A heavy, and purposely made robotic voice of a male said,” Please open the door” trying to mimic to doorbell. He instantly knew who it was. It was his first kill. It was money at the door.

He raced to the front door which actually were two doors. First one, on the inside was a wooden door. It was in a bad shape, the ply was coming out at places, and hinges were lose. It looked like a door to a haunted house without the horrible screeching voice. He opened the first door in a swing in nervousness. Money was standing outside rubbing his hands together. He looked like a normal person, not as rich as he really was. He had a swaggy look to himself in his brown coloured baggy trousers, a pullover with a newspaper like black and white print on it, and also a denim baseball hat which he wore sideways.

“Hey buddy, how are you?” He said opening the second door which was of wooden frame and had a metal screen for the rest of it.

“I am good if you have got something strong to drink in the house. It is freezing tonight.” Money said blowing in his hands.

“I sure do. Come on in” he said with a smile on his face.

As soon as they got in, he ran to the kitchen to get some whiskey for money. Money looked at him for a second and then found himself the only chair in the room.

“Is this the same chair we bought from that auction?” money shouted even though he wasn’t sitting very far from the kitchen.

“Yes. It is.” He answered in the same frequency from the kitchen mixing Jack denials with the poison. “Water or cola?”

“Nothing”. “It’s going antique. Why don’t you sell it? We will go buy a new one. It is an office chair anyway. It doesn’t belong here.”

He had the drinks ready by then and was coming to the room when he heard it. He decided to go back and add some more poison in his (Money’s) drink.

“Here” He said extending the glass half full to money and continued, “I like this chair. I can just drag myself around the house and I don’t ever need to get up except whenever I have to shit”. They both laughed a good laugh.

“Where is your glass?” money asked taking a large sip maybe to get rid of his cold.

“It’s Tuesday.” He replied.

“Oh yes. It is. Some strange believer you are. But why did you call me if not for a party?”

“I need to talk to you.”

“Okay.” By this time, money had finished his drink.


#5 – First Kill


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