Killing the wishes #8 – Her

#1 – Prologue

#7 – Friends

The poisoned coffee had already gone cold by then. She gulped the whole cup in one go.


He kept writing names and killing the desires. After a while when he thought had finished, he sat down on the low sofa and instantly went to sleep in peace.


He woke up to another ring on the door. He had not written any names this time. With this realisation, he instantly came to his senses and looked around in the room if anything looked suspicious. Once he was sure, he opened the door.

“Hi Ashu.” She said in her soft and tinder voice with a smile that always made his eyes shine. It was her. The love of his life. The biggest wish of all. The one for whom he had wept in the rain, in his dreams, whenever he was drunk and when he wasn’t.

“Hi”. He had his mouth open in surprise. He had never expected her here. And he was sure that he had skipped her name. “What are you doing here?”

“What do you think? You were thinking about me. Did you think that I wouldn’t know? Come on. I am not as dull as you are.” She said getting inside.

“I am not dull“. He had forgotten the frustration, the planning, the list, the rat poison and the killings too. He was just trying to do his best in humour. He was just trying to get her to laugh.

“Yes you are.” She said laughing and hugged him in a way that was very different than that of fame’s hug. Fame’s hug was from a distance, with only one hand being around his shoulder. But when she hugged him, there was no distance, no formal feelings. Her cheeks were touching his, and she had both her hands wrapped around his back. She held him tight until his own hands rose in automation and wrapped around her. It was a feeling that he had forgotten about. It was then that he realised that how much he missed her. He felt like melting in her arms. He felt his legs giving up on him like his blood had stopped running and his heart had stopped beating. It had been years since he last saw her but he had never stopped loving her. He had waited every day for this moment. And every night when he slept, he had cried in disappointment. She had made him realise how emotional he was back in the days, in just a few seconds since they met. They had been like that for a few seconds before she whispered in his ear,” I missed you too”.

He smiled. It meant him his world to hear those words from the girl that he had loved his whole life. He let go of his grip around her and invited her in.

As soon as she got in, she said,” I love this chair. It will go a long way. This chair is a keeper.”

“No, I am a keeper. I have taken care of it for so long”. He tried to boast light heartedly.

“You are not a keeper.” He could sense the tone of sarcasm in her voice and he knew what she meant.


#9 – Last Kill


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