Killing the Wishes #9 – Last Kill

#1 – Prologue

#8 – Her

“You are not a keeper.” He could sense the tone of sarcasm in her voice and he knew what she meant.


He knew what she meant. He also knew that it was a joke. He didn’t try to explain himself but replied, “No, you are not a keeper.” To which she smiled. He had learned to make fun of their breakup, even if it felt like somebody was pushing him down on a bed of needles, every time he did it.

But he soon realized what he had said was wrong and quickly tried to change the subject, ”But I have always liked this sofa better. It’s just perfect height and everything”. Hearing this she moved to the sofa and sat on it with a little hop.

It was then that he got a chance to look at her. There she was, with her dark hair like the gentle waves in the ocean. She looked exactly the same as he had seen her in his dreams, fair complexion, a slightly visible double cheek, and the smile which always left him wanting for more. He could spend his life looking at that smile. She was wearing her regulars, the yellow top and her brown 3/4ths.

“Do you have any coke? I would kill for some coke right now” She asked to break his thoughts.

“But it’s freezing. You would get cold.” He said with genuine concern and a smile. He remembered how she used to literally beg for some ice-cream in the freezing cold. He would have to drag her out of each and every Ice-cream parlour. “Then your nose will be dripping all over. That will be ugly” he tried again for see her laugh and was successful this time. It was the same laugh as he had remembered. She would put her hand on her wide open mouth while laughing. Her eyes almost closed. It was the laugh to die for.

“So what? Would that stop you from kissing me?” as soon as she said it, she realized that she shouldn’t have.

His smile faded in a moment. He had just now realized that she was also pretending to like him. That she also was nothing but a wish. For a second he was furious at the thought that she was only behaving like he would have wanted her to.

“Not at all.” He said, going back in the kitchen where he poured coke in two glasses and picked up the remaining poison. He was ready for his last kill.


#10 – Abstract


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