Killing the wishes #10 – Abstract

#1 – Prologue

#9 – Last Kill


He was ready for his last kill.


When he turned around after mixing poison in one of the glasses he found her standing at the kitchen door and staring at him. He had already thrown the empty bottle of rat poison in the dustbin, so there was no need of fear. Yet, he was afraid. He was afraid of losing her but the same time he was also angry. She was the reason behind all his muddle. He tried not to show his disorderly state. He kept staring in her eyes.

She said,” I love you even more when you work in the kitchen”. She made an effort to make things better but her efforts were going south.

His anger rose above his fear at this point. He now was ready to confront her. “No.” He said firmly. He was not going to fall for it again.


“No, you don’t love me. And you didn’t miss me. If you would have, you would have tried to contact me. You would have at least talked to me once a while. A simple ‘Hi’ would have been enough for me. And you know this. Even then you didn’t try. I know, you don’t love me at all. So don’t even try to lie to me.” He fought hard with his tears.

“You are wrong. I do love you and I did miss you. But you are forgetting something. I am not the real her. I am just her abstract. I am whatever is remaining of her in your mind, in your memory. I love you because you remember her loving you. I miss you because you think that she misses you. I am everything that you think she is or she was. I may not be real but that doesn’t mean that my feelings are not real.”

He couldn’t say anything to that. It was the harsh reality that he had to face.

“Go on. I am bringing the drinks.” He said and without making eye contact, he turned around, wiped his eyes clean of tears, and poured the remaining Coke since last week’s pizza in the second glass.

She went back to the sofa, stomping. But she wasn’t angry, she was just frustrated. He brought in the two glasses. He offered her a glass. He took support from the table with the other glass. She sipped from her glass while he was taking large gulps. She saw that and said,” I am warning you, you aren’t getting any from my glass”.

He said nothing to that but smiled at her. He got off of the support as he prepared himself for his speech.


#11 – The End


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