Killing the wishes #11 – The End

Episode 1

#10 – Abstract


He started, “You say, you are not the real her but just an abstract. I don’t love her anymore. I haven’t loved her for long now. But I have loved you”.

“Whatever memories that I have, I have with you, not with her. Whenever I imagined my future, I imagined it with you, not with her. Whenever I cried, it was you who came to console me, not her. You always understood me, she never did. I know that you love me and I know that she never did. She has faded in my memory but you, you are becoming clearer as the day with every thought. You are with me every second, every moment.  I cannot imagine my life without you. That is how much I need you. That is how much I love you.” She looked down as her cheeks wore the shades of red, just as he had remembered her being shy.

He smiled ans about to say something when all of a sudden his hands started shaking. He felt weak like someone was drained the life out of him. He couldn’t hold on to his empty glass anymore. It fell on the ground. Hearing the shattering sound of the glass, she looked up and saw him falling down. In a moment she realised what had happened. She caught his hand mid-air but his weight was too much and she couldn’t hold on. As he fell back his head hit the sharp corner of the table first and the floor next. The blood spattered all over the floor. She sat down and took his head in her lap. She was crying.

“Why? Why did you do it? You knew I am not real. Why didn’t you let me die then?” tears running down her face.

He raised his hand and touched her cheeks still as soft as he had remembered. “I know you are not real but you are mine. I don’t want the reality, I want you. Now that you are here, I couldn’t possibly think of letting you go again.” He looked in her eyes. “I have missed you. A lot.” This is all he could say. Foams were coming out of his mouth and his throat was chocking. His senses had started betraying him. His vision got soften. He struggled hard to find her in all this blur but all he could see was a black abstract of her. He had remembered this from the countless times when he woken up in the shade of her hairs and the brightness of her face. The memory brought a smile on his face and slowly he drifted towards death.

In the end, he could only hear her wailing and crying. Why was she crying? Because she truly loved him and this is what he wanted. To be loved by her till he died. His last wish was fulfilled.


#12 – Extended


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