Killing the wishes #12 – Extended

Episode 1

#11 – The End


The screeching sound of opening the ICU door broke the absolute silence in the hospital corridor. It also pulled her back to present from the memories of him. She looked up. Her beautiful black eyes were filled with tears. This made her vision blurred. She could see a figure in green and white coming towards her. She quickly wiped her eyes with her already soaking handkerchief to try and have a clear look. It was the doctor.

She stood up quickly as the doctor approached her. She wanted to ask about him but she couldn’t make out any words. So she just stood there, her breath stuck in her lungs as she was about to say something, but trying to read the doctor’s face for answers.

”Don’t worry, he is safe.” The doctor said.

She felt relieved. She let of a sigh. But something was wrong. The doctor was still there. He hadn’t moved. He wanted to let the good news settle first. She looked in his eyes. There was a feeling of disappointment and failure in his eyes not of victory.

“What’s wrong, doctor?” She asked.

The doctor was choosing the least hurting words to say this. “There has been some complications. Due to the injury to his head, he has suffered from severe blood loss. He is alive but he is in Coma.”

“Will he be okay, doctor?” She said, making a great effort to get the words out of her chocking throat.

“He may wake up in a few days. You can go and see him now.” The doctor finished in a hurry. Even after so many years this has always been hard. He took quick steps and disappeared in the hallway.

She looked at the door of the ICU and started taking quick steps. She had so much to say to him, so many things to explain. She had wasted enough time away from him, she would never leave his side again. She opened the ICU door and there he was, laying almost lifeless. His head was all wrapped up in while bandages. There was a red mark on the bandages at one corner. She realised it was blood. His eyes were closed. He looked a lot different from what she had remembered. A half empty blood bag was hanging from a stand beside him. A lot of machines were beeping on a continuous interval. But even with so much going on, He looked at peace.

Her tears had never stopped. Since she had heard the news, she could not stop crying. In last ten hours, while she had been running towards him, she had remembered all the good things that they did together, all the bad things that happened but nothing could replace this feeling, this fear in her heart that she was feeling. The feeling of losing him. She had never felt it before. They hadn’t been together for the last two years but she had not once felt that she would lose him. She never told him this but she always knew that eventually they will get back together no matter how much time it takes. She knew he was a keeper.

She went up to him in slow steps trying not to make any noise, took his hand in hers, and sat down beside his bed on the medical stool. She leant to where his hand was and slowly caressed the back of his hand with her wet cheeks.

She moved towards his head and whispered in his ear. “I missed you too”.



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